SAMS - from $2.6M to $27.7M in annual contributions

The Syrian American Medical Society Foundation (SAMS) is a medical relief organization that in 2016 alone provided medical services to more than three million people affected by crisis. Their work across the Middle East and in Greece involves education and training, medical relief work, and medical missions. Over a period of five years, MLC overhauled SAMS’ branding and communications, beginning with strategy development. These initiatives involved website development, messaging, fundraising and events, direct mail, digital engagement, search marketing, advertising, media buying, and donor relations. As a result, SAMS’ annual contributions grew from $2.6M in 2012 to $27.7M in 2016.

Zakat - 340% increase in social engagement

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is a sustainable relief and development organization modeling the spirit of cooperative internationalism that is essential in an increasingly unstable world. The foundation fosters charitable giving and establishes long-term projects that promote individual and community growth. MLC’s strategic planning helped ZF differentiate itself from traditional American-based Muslim charities by developing programs for poor and indigent communities within the U.S. and setting new standards for transparency and accountability.  A comprehensive marketing program emphasized social engagement and included digital marketing and advertising, quarterly publications, and direct mail, resulting in a 340% increase of social followers within four years to over 1M on Facebook and 70K on Twitter.

ARAHA - donor base grew by 150% in one year

Serving the most vulnerable populations across the Horn of Africa, Minnesota-based ARAHA provides crisis relief and develops long-term projects to advance education, self-sufficiency programs, and access to clean water. By delivering essentials such as food and medical supplies, and developing opportunities throughout the Horn, the organization brings immediate relief and creates conditions for sustainability and self-reliance. It targets “suffering from hunger, illiteracy, disease, and poverty” with a diverse range of programs to meet the needs of specific communities. MLC helped ARAHA develop its staff and key partnerships to increase awareness and effective communication with various audiences. Public support and ARAHA’s donor base also grew exponentially thanks to MLC initiatives in the areas of branding, communication, marketing and fundraising, particularly direct mail and digital display campaigns.

Sunrise USA - a threefold increase in income

Founded in 2011 by a group of Syrian-American professionals  as a provider of humanitarian aid in Syria, assisting Syrians both inside the country and in refugee camps in neighboring countries.  By emphasizing child development, education, and healthcare needs, the organization provides comprehensive relief, development aid, and strives to establish long term solutions to Syrians’ current problems. One of the most complex humanitarian situations of the 21st century, ongoing atrocities, famine, and economic turbulence have created an unsettling situation for millions of Syrians whose country is the size of Washington state. MLC helped Sunrise USA with its marketing strategy including website, search marketing, digital advertising,  direct mail campaigns, and email and social campaigns, resulting in a threefold growth in income within a two-year period.