Why Al-jazeera

The Fifth most
influential brand in the world, behind global
icons Apple and Google

Broadcasting out of London, Washington and Qatar, Al-Jazeera is one of the world’s most watched news providers with 80 million viewers worldwide and 38 million monthly impressions online in the USA alone.

Al-Jazeera is watched and respected by journalists, decision makers, and government leaders for reporting excellence and exclusive stories with a distinctive voice. Maximize Your Global Reach with Our Al-Jazeera Advertising Services!

Why Advertise on Al Jazeera

Qatar Worldcup 2022


Advertising on Al-Jazeera means you’ll:

  • Tap instantly into affluent and informed Arabic and English Speaking consumers in North America and globally.
  • Help solidify your global appeal and provide your organization a unique opportunity to grow.
  • Cost effectively and selectively target audiences interested in your brand on broadcast television, online, in North America and beyond.

To find out how advertising on Al-Jazeera can assist grow your brand, contact us today.


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