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American Muslim Landscape: By the Numbers - If you are targeting the American Muslim community for your next product or service, it is important to understand them better. In this article, we will have a deeper insight into the American Muslim landscape, so you are aware of your target audiences. America's Muslim population is growing at a rapid rate. According to the… CONTINUE
What You Need to Know About Consumers in the Middle East - What You Need to Know About Consumers in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) MENA region is on the target of various companies and brands as far as their next expansion is concerned. And why not? The region still largely is a virgin. There is a lot to be explored. But most businesses lack… CONTINUE
Marketing to Arabic Consumers: What You Need to Know - While it may be true that we live in a globalized world where people are aware of and can recognize different languages and cultural codes, local still matters. People still care about what’s happening in their immediate neighborhood. Therefore, when you’re marketing to Arabic consumers, you need to take a localized approach. In this article,… CONTINUE
Ramadan Fundraising During Coronavirus: 5 Strategies for Successful Campaigns - Most Muslim nonprofits launch their largest annual fundraising campaign during Ramadan. Ramadan, also referred to as the Fasting month, is observed by Muslims worldwide in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar year. Similar to Christmas time for Christian charities, it is common for Muslim organizations to raise over half of their annual revenues… CONTINUE
International marketing services Ramadan Marketing 2020: Learn from the Best - With Ramadan 2020 on the horizon, we’re looking at how successful brands have approached Muslim marketing in previous years, so your brand is ready for Ramadan now and in the future. According to a report by Euromonitor, the Muslim market will be worth over $5 trillion by 2020, and Muslims will make up more than a quarter… CONTINUE
Infographic: What’s Islamic Marketing? - With a global population of 1.7 billion Muslims, the Muslim consumer market is valued at $2.6 trillion annually. The halal food market alone is worth $661 billion a year. With this in mind, many companies are interested in expanding their product market to include more Muslims. But what is Islamic Marketing? Islamic Marketing Agency define… CONTINUE

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