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The Top 3 Way to Increase Engagement with American Muslim Consumers - Roughly 7 million Muslims live in America. Their spending power is estimated at over $170 billion. Yet 98% feel American brands don’t actively reach out to Muslim consumers. Unlike other demographics, Muslim consumers tend to be extremely loyal, with over 80% saying they would prefer to buy brands that recognize and support Muslim identity. And… CONTINUE
fundraiser What Fundraisers can Learn From Organizational, Communications and Faith-Based Approaches - One-on-one relationship building is arguably the most effective and efficient strategy for fundraisers. In fact, fostering relationships among board members, key supporters, and new and existing donors is one of the biggest predictors of success for large-scale projects. Event planners consider both the social and professional networks of the fundraising team, and arrange small, social… CONTINUE
What can the Travel Market Learn From Modest Fashion? - *this is a guest post by Sharmeen Suleman  The Muslim travel market is on course to continue its fast-paced growth to reach $220 billion by 2020, and is expected to grow a further $80 billion to reach $300 billion by 2026. But what does the Muslim traveller really want and can the travel market learn something… CONTINUE
10 Ways to Increase International Student Recruitment - “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty, and there is strength.”   Maya Angelou Diversity in Higher Education Compared to homogeneous learning environments, students educated in ethnically diverse settings perform better academically and professionally. The best diversity programs in America emphasize the socio-economic, geographic, and ethnic diversity of… CONTINUE
international International Education and the MENA Region - In the aftermath of international events affecting higher education like Saudi Arabia ordering 16,000 of its students to leave Canada amid diplomatic clashes, and Trump's travel ban, students from the MENA region are even more determined to study abroad.  For many of them, travelling abroad to complete their education in the West is a both a tradition and… CONTINUE
Virtual Reality for Storytelling and Social Good - While virtual reality studios in North America and Europe develop VR for the gaming and education industries, Doha’s Contrast studio quietly explores VR’s impact on storytelling and social good. The studio recently teamed up with Oculus to launch its virtual reality app Al Jazeera Contrast. “We wanted to give our audiences more compelling, character-driven stories… CONTINUE

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