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consumers 4 Things to Know about Muslim Consumers - As the fastest growing demographic on earth, Muslims are making their influence felt across consumer categories. And the smartest brands are paying attention. The combined spending power of the global Muslim market  is equal to the world’s third largest economy, after the U.S. and China. And according to a study by Thomson Reuters, Muslim consumers… CONTINUE
report Charitable Giving in America Surpasses $410 billion - 2017 was a milestone year for giving, with total donations by individuals, foundations, corporations, and bequests surpassing $410 billion, according to Giving USA's flagship annual report on philanthropy in the United States. Americans made great efforts to be generous in 2017. Donors at the high end of the economic spectrum were better able to set… CONTINUE
MENA consumers loyal MENA Consumers: Loyal and Willing to Share Personal Data [Infographic] - Not only are MENA consumers among the world's most loyal, they are also more willing to share their personal information in exchange for rewards. Which industries enjoy the most customer loyalty? Are businesses falling short on transparency at a time of increased regulations such as GDPR? Aimia created the following infographic to answer these questions and… CONTINUE
culture Culture and Color in International Marketing [Infographic] - Marketers and advertisers are familiar with color psychology - how color affects mental and physical states, and influences behavior - but are they paying enough attention to culture in their international marketing initiatives?  “From established best practices on the prominence of calls to action to more subtle aesthetic decisions evoking brand personality, every digital marketer… CONTINUE
Islamic finance Equity-Based Islamic Finance - Islamic finance officers are facilitating growth, creativity and innovation with new product development and equity-based models, according to a report by the International Islamic Finance & Insurance Institute (IIFII). The transformation of concepts and ideas into more sophisticated products and services resonates with investors and entrepreneurs looking for financially viable offerings, as well as industry leaders looking… CONTINUE
Muslim Poll American Muslim Poll 2018: Pride and Prejudice - The American Muslim Poll 2018: Pride and Prejudice by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding measures the level of public anti-Muslim sentiment in its most impactful manifestations and, in collaboration with Georgetown's The Bridge Initiative, developed the first-ever annual Islamophobia Index (II). The report measures the Islamophobia Index among American Muslims as well as the degree to… CONTINUE

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